i wish i can take u somewhere far,but i don't drive a car.there are many things we can do,but i don't know where to start.i can buy you the moon or the stars,but i know i'm just dumb.i want to light up some candles and lay u down on the open field so that we can view the silent sky.i can say nothing more.i have not met you yet.please come hear me,which i think you are too far.you will find me,only if you can see the silence inside..

Monday, December 27, 2004

I have given u
Take all u want
If u care
If i meant something to u
But nothing
I won't let u cut me
No more..
This is war
& i come back ten folds
This is war
I'll kill my memories
Memories of u

How could u hurt me?
What have i done?
Speechless me
But i got what u want

This is what u want
This is what u want
This is what u want
This is what u want

Here i leave

Died in ya hands..


Friday, December 24, 2004

I dun mean a thing to u
the relutant goodbye
the akward silence
these are what u left for me
cuts me deep
that i'm lost in pain
lost in silence
lost in memories
slip away unwillingly
still i hold u
still i tear..

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Words no longer
contain no longer hold
beyond words
beyond hurts
beyond me
now i stand still
cold as i bleed
words don't come out
screaming in silence
only my prayers
HE hears
i have died many times
i've killed myself many times
even to deny how i feel about u
to keep u
each day in my heart
it makes me a liar
how can we deny
how can i carry on walking
even the depth of my footprint carries u
u alone cut me so deep
are u blind or am i the one?
yes i hurt myself
have u done nothing?
ask yourself
do u think of me
am i disgusting?
leave me leave me
while i bleed
today my confession is how much i keep
now i put u to sleep..


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