i wish i can take u somewhere far,but i don't drive a car.there are many things we can do,but i don't know where to start.i can buy you the moon or the stars,but i know i'm just dumb.i want to light up some candles and lay u down on the open field so that we can view the silent sky.i can say nothing more.i have not met you yet.please come hear me,which i think you are too far.you will find me,only if you can see the silence inside..

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

another day
i wonder when this will stop
maybe the doctors
maybe just me
i barely get out of bed
i hate the sun
another speechless day
my heart
search for silence
now to sleep


Monday, August 02, 2004

i held the water from ya eyes
covered in my hands now it dried
did i kill the pain
or am i the pain
passing thru ya head
i held ya tears
but i forgotten mine

my heartburning
ship wreak
now i crawl to shore
with my open wounds i pray
knowing it'll will fade
in faith
in words
in luv
the waves will change
now on the shore i wait
knowing the birds will call
the sun will burn me
till then i'll be awake
now on the empty shore i rest


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