i wish i can take u somewhere far,but i don't drive a car.there are many things we can do,but i don't know where to start.i can buy you the moon or the stars,but i know i'm just dumb.i want to light up some candles and lay u down on the open field so that we can view the silent sky.i can say nothing more.i have not met you yet.please come hear me,which i think you are too far.you will find me,only if you can see the silence inside..

Monday, June 21, 2004

father's day..
hangout at the shop..he he!

thank U God..
wat can i say..
i owe u everything..

thot this's the last..
the slowest walk..
the broken heart..
i wish u can stay longer..
here as we sit..
yours & my words....
my tears..
so i say goodnite..


Sunday, June 20, 2004

hangout at the shop..

thank u God..
for this's a beautiful day..

i decided to walk away..
yes from u..
i know i can't keep dat..
i'm such a liar..
not dat u hav done anything wrong..
just me..
painting the picture alone..
dun seems to see u..
i can't hide..
there's nothing inside..
all in words..
all in truth..
does it matter to u..
i ask too much..
i'll see u in my prayers..
this's the closest i can get to u..
i want u well..
u dun hav to be with me..


Saturday, June 19, 2004

japanese food..

dat nite..
the swing..
the rotating plate..
the garden..

i wish u could stay..

thank U God..
for the chance to be alive..
to see ya beautiful creations..
thank U once again..

days just fly by..
with u around..
now i wonder how..
all those time i hav..
i spent it with u..
it'll be blank..
if i walked away..
at ya doorstep..
it's harder..
each time u leave..
i just felt dat..
part of my heart..
got chewed away..

here i pray..
i pray u stay..
if only God show His way..

so much i feel..
so much i know..
it's not our season..
but a reason to know..

the word dat holds..
u & me..
now..i sleep..
seeing u in my dreams..



Friday, June 18, 2004

SKool okok..
ha ha!
weather is hot..

thank U God..
i'm still alive..

mr nice & miss nice..
just don't meet..
even if they do..
the past hurts will keep them bz..
so unbelievable..
the stereo types..
the emotional burns..
lies..all lies..
i can only pray..

yours eyes carried sorrow..
u look so tired today..
so frail..
a voice i can only feel..
silence hides ya anger..
but i can hear your tears..
i'm here..
in prayers..


Thursday, June 17, 2004

recorded princess at the studio..
last minute thingy in skool..
he he!

thank U God..
for ya faithfulness..
how luvly U r..

we were late..
sat at the bus stop..
side by side..
so sweet..
a quiet nite..
just u & me..
so we speak..
my words..your words
u r so luvly tonite..
i can feel my heartbeat..
it spells ya name..
so here i see u home..
so much too say..
so much i can't..


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

skool is fun..
touching the console now..
ha ha ha!

a few friends..
walking u..

thank U God..
for the everything..
for ya faithfulness..
teach me to be more like u..
& not me..

i'm walking..
u r finding..
the path..
which way u ask..
just pray i said..
to luv is to surrender..
to accept is to luv..
having u in my head..
having u in my hands..
i can only pray..
but here i'll wait..
time is a need..
i hope u see..
write me ya story..
i want to read..
how u fear & bleed?
nothing to hide..
the flaws that are inside..
i can see..
how beautiful it's to be..
just to be with u..


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

from suppers to dinners to shows to shopping..
til i walk u home..
these few days r sweet..sweeeeet..
so wearing brown...
ha ha ha!!!

we duno only God..

thank U Father..
for i know U care..
U r so faithful..
so graceful..
thank U..

the seed within the fruit..
lies a child..
an endless stream of energy..
so child like..
so sweet..
as thou i can taste it..
so now..
the season..
when the time is ripe..
u'll be nice..
so beautiful tonite..


Saturday, June 12, 2004

having u today..
not like i had u for dinner..
thou i wish the dinner never end..
yes! u..amazing..
your mind..
seems simple..
but yet so intriguing..
sometimes it taste like honey..
sometimes it taste so sad..

i'm just too simple..
perhaps boring..


some memories can kill..
they stay..
just like scars..
they tell a story..
but the wounds are healed..

now..i'm walking..
nothing to look back..
the end..

thank U God..
i know U r around..
can feel U..
please speak..
wanting to hear..
wat U hav to say..


Friday, June 11, 2004

sometimes i hate being Symon..
more about me r surfacing..
so much dirt in me..
sometimes i wonder when this'll end..
God is so good..
He wounds..He heal..cos He luv..

thank U God..
for the people around me..
they r so real..
they care..
i'm humbled..
thank U once again..

should i walk away?
i'm such a coward..
here i pray..
but where's my faith..
i want to wait..
i want to hear..
please speak my Saviour..
U r all i want to hear..
please speak..


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nothing i said is heard..
but i know my God hears..
i feel that i am constantly at fault..
so much i wana say..
i duno how..
i bottled it up..
labeled it anger..
so here i pray..
kill pride..
help me hear the words U said..
only U i'll follow..
let me hear U..please!

thank U my God..

i said what i said..
leaves me no choice..
distant grew..
for the better..
u & me..
i so hate to leave..
so hate to feel..
but i can't lie..
we'll meet someday..
if His will permits..
now i'll try to leave..
but u leave me with memories..
how sweet it is..
how can i not leave in pain..
so i'll say a prayer for us when i think of u..
thank u once again..


i cried..
my family..
words behind me..
i'm waiting to hear..
concerns..they say..
the hearts behind the words..
i appreciate..
but i'm hurt..
please ask me face to face..
i'm waiting..
thank u once again..
for keeping me from falling..


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

played b.ball today..ha ha!
yes! felt a bit burnt..
sun was too hot..

no jammin today..
all thanx to mis com..
well,i was carrying my guitar since noon..
wah lau!
it was great hanging out with the VR boys..
finally met daren's girl..
the legend..ha ha!

thank U God..
U r so good to me..
the weather..
the food..
the people..
thank U once again..

i see..
u r busy today..
few words..
1 phone call..
kept thinkin abt u..
hoping dat things r ok..
so much i wanted to meet up with u..
so much i wana say..
i held back..
kept thinkin abt u..
i know u need space..
so i pray..
when i think of u..
i pray for us..
my heart..my head..
i just kept thinkin abt u..
i pray dat i'm able to stop..
stop everything..
but my heart knows..
and i care abt u..


Monday, June 07, 2004

i write to feed the monster inside..
or did..
i write to kill my thots inside???

so i let my words out..
i wana cause..
no pain..
no harm..
just hear me..

let silence be my words..
the voice of my thots..
here i'll pray..
nothing i wana know..
i choose to pray..

thank U God..for this life..

church was good..
but i was too tired..
hangout with jeromo..he he
then back to the shop..
so i waited..
spend my time with u..
we didn't say much..
but i'm happy..

talking behind my back..
ask me..
here i'll wait..
but the hurt is done..

wat hav i done wrong????
is it wrong to like?
is it wrong to know?
so wat if i'm after her???
r my actions without prayer?

i'm not afraid..
i've got nothing to hide..
so speak..

We spoke a little..
yet u mean so much..
my heart pound faster..
everytime when u r near..
and it took me a while to realise..
sometimes i ask myself..
wat do i see in u?
i wana care for u..
i know i can..
i wana embrace u..
but i can't..
my words r plain..
but my heart is real..
these words..they r yours..
i can say the sky is yours..
so my Saviour..my witness..
show me your ways..
let it be time..
and not me..

i'm tired..
tired of me..
me & my feelings..
feeling dat i known u..
u r so beautiful..
i saw something real..
dat made me wait..

u say..
how can i like u..
u dun even know me..

must everything hav a reason?
or the season is the reason?
i just wana know u..

now u know..
i'll be blind..
i really HATE to write..
stop..let me stop..please..



Sunday, June 06, 2004

Tam & Jeff's wedding is awesome..
marriage is such a beautiful thing..
yeah! thou i know wat to name my children..
still..got to find myself a wife..
i mean wait for God..

saw maz & dat spainish SHIT..
ha ha! so disgusting..
how i wanted to break his face..
then again how stupid i am..he he!
thank God for His mercy..
i passed..

another movie nite..
with the BABE,rom,kev& me..he he!
b4 dat got to hang with jahson & au au..

thank U God..
no matter how dumb i am..
u r always there..
u know how i feel..
thank U for watching over me..

Side by side..
we watched a show..
feel so close..
no idea why..
i like u i can't deny..
so i say a prayer for us when i think of u..
u just like..
no words can describe..
we'll take our time..
time will tell..


Saturday, June 05, 2004

poor thing..
so sorry abt ya tummy flu..
had a great time at the doc & ezy video..
sadly..we hav to part..
thanx for the evening..
it was really sweet..

dinner at chom chom..
yes! with Tim & Ted..
really happy to hangout..
same O lame O guys..he he!
so glad to see these boys..
time flies..

Thank U God..
U r so awesome..
the food..
the company..
the BABE..
help me not to take anything for granted..


u look so plain..
so simple..
so subtle..
yet so beautiful..

i can see it in your eyes..
but i know u r happy today..
i walked u home..
left u safe..
my hearts wants to stay..

let silence be my words..
u know..i know..
God knows..
i'll wait..
i pray for us when i think of u..
in HIS will..i seek..
i want to follow..
not my flesh..
but my Saviour..

sleep well as we'll meet again..
may HIs angels watched over u..


Friday, June 04, 2004

lastnite was awesome..
got to eat sushi..
got to watch Harry porter 3..he he!
got to be with someone so luvly..
sadly the nite hav to end..

thank u God..for the chance to be alive..

i peel the layers..
i scratch the surface to know u..
i'll find u..i will..
time will tell..
here i say a prayer for us..
in HIS will i surrender..


Thursday, June 03, 2004

ha ha!
had a great time with Json & lawy..
these project mates really happening lor!
thank God..

cell was awesome..
tired thou..
had supper..now really broke..
cab fare not cheap lor!
wah lau!!!

thank U God..
for the power of prayer..
U r so faithful..so luvly..
for i know U hear me..
thank u once again..

now i shall not hide..
make me write less..
let me tell u..
allow me to show u..

now i shall not hide..
there's nothing i can say..
u know i'm here..

i'll say a prayer for us..
when i think of u..

thank u for the talks while we travel..
how luvly..
thank u for twiggy..
how sweet..
thank u for u..
how beautiful..
quiet yet so simple..

now the journey begun..


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

ha ha! missed skool today..too tired..
site review was great..
thanx to Gordo..he's the man!
had a great time shopping with marcus..he he!

end up watching Shrek 2 with jahson & jeromo..
wah!!! lame to the max..wat a Disney killer..
yeah! had a great time..
tired!!! yes! wat a long day..

thank U God..
u r so faithful..
teach me not to take U for granted..
help me to not to look back..
for i hate to feel the pain..
U r my strength..my everything..

sweet dreams..
may u sleep well..
may HIS angels embrace u..
keep u away from harm..
so i said a prayer for us when i think of u..
your voice is still in my head..
still ringing..
how luvly..
now..put me to sleep..



Tuesday, June 01, 2004

jammin at a friend's place..he he!!!

suppose to meet someone..
sadly..i didn't..
here i feel left out..
but it's kool lah!!!

cut my hair..again..

this time..
hopefully this style works..
felt so ugly today..
so uneasy..
but i know God didn't made me this way!
He is beautiful..
i'm made in His image..
i better believe dat..
dats the truth..

thank U God..
for the talents u give..
it's really beautiful..
how can i complain..
it's all yours..

hear u at 3+ am..
my heart seems to beat faster..
i wana confess..
i wana run away..
why did i picked up the call?
i know i must resist..
wait..tired my flesh!!!
this hurts..
seeing myself in chain..
in the wrong season..
why doesn't my mind give up?
in my head..
u dance..gracefully..

wana spent my time with u..
hear ya voice over the phone..
caught u at the wrong time..
but i wana talk to u..
lets hav dinner..
i would luv to ask?
so we ended..in seconds..
my mind kept ya voice..
loops over & over again..
so comforting..
so dearly..

u jogged with me..
in my head..
i say a prayer for us when i think of u..
so now all i do is wait..


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