i wish i can take u somewhere far,but i don't drive a car.there are many things we can do,but i don't know where to start.i can buy you the moon or the stars,but i know i'm just dumb.i want to light up some candles and lay u down on the open field so that we can view the silent sky.i can say nothing more.i have not met you yet.please come hear me,which i think you are too far.you will find me,only if you can see the silence inside..

Monday, May 31, 2004

hangout at the shop..
watched The day after tomorrow..
not too bad lah!

ha ha! Ted is back..
another boys hangout..
great..just like b4..

6 years >
Sad to know..u
SHE is turning away..
forsake her friend..
for that Spanish man..
i'm forgotten..
i'm free..
here u r..
i wish u well..
u r gone..
i'm not yours..
it hurts to see u this way..
but i'm gone..
gone for good..
i'll say goodbye to u..
for now..u r on ya own..
no more will i hear u..
in my head..
with prayers i drown u..
something died..
a new born arise..

6 years..

a story behind the wound..
i'm done..
u just killed the butterfly..

thank U God..
U r so faithful..
U r the reason why i'm here..
thank U once again..

i see words..
no voice..

u say goodnite..
and i say a prayer for u..

i miss yesterday..
i miss u..

sitting side by side..

i dun even know u well..

but let me in..please
let me see u..

i know i'll get hurt soon..

not u..
just me..
dreaming about u..

i wait..

no words..

but my actions are lost..
so lost in u..

just can't hold myself..
my thoughts overflow..

so i say a prayer for us when i think of u..

i shall not disturb..
i hope u hear these words..
they r yours..

as i know my Saviour embraces u..



Sunday, May 30, 2004

S.E service is great..
another powerful nite..
God is in the house..

had a great time playin..
with a kitten today..
+ i got free mangoes..ha ha!

wah!so happy lor!

thank U God..
it's truely U..
dat i'm still here..
thank U once again..

I shared so much wif u..
no idea why..
u r so lovely..tonite..
it hurts to see u in pain..
on the bus..there we r..
sitting side by side..
i think i said too much..
my apologies..
so much i wanted to tell u everything..
so much i wanted to tell u that i care..

if only i can heal ya wounds,
and kill ya nightmares..

let me rescue u..
but i'm not the hero..
and i can't do that..
so i'll see u in my prayers..again..
my Saviour will save u..
i'll silence myself & kill the flesh..
as i pray..
may u hav a good rest..


Saturday, May 29, 2004

ha ha! Creative sales today..
lousy lor!..
had a great time thou..

God is showing..these..to me..
praying for people..
& standing by..my surrounding..
i care..He cares..
thank U for being there..

an apple a day..
i want u to have..
it's yours..
i want u to know..
i care..
today we met..
words seems easy..
my joy to hear u..
my joy to see u..
in prayer as i think of u..


Friday, May 28, 2004

skool was fun today..ha ha!!!
hung out in the shop..
met up with romy & kev..
yes!!! jason too..
he's crashing over today thou..
he he!!!

thank u God..
u r so faithful..
there's nothing i can do..
to deserve everyday..

In my head..
there u go..
so here i am..resist..
i wana hold ya hands..
and tell u dat i care..
wat is in u?
dat makes me so weak..
so weak..
i just dun understand..
as i weaken myself drawing near to u..


Thursday, May 27, 2004

skool,cell meeting,supper..
interesting topic for class today..

Thank U God..
for everything..
so sweet of U..

face to face..
side by side..
we exchange a few words..
so dear to me..
there is so much to know..
about u..inside u..
where should i begin..
when i've to cut myself away from u..
would u allow me to draw nearer..
the painful wait..
should i drag myself away..
is there anything wrong being true..
is there? is there?

i am here..
tell me your story..
bring me to rest..
let me hear u..please..

in my prayers..
i ask to leave..
i ask to forget..
but i'll be an escapist..
it's a such torture..
just to see u from far..

hav mercy my Saviour..
in ya grace..
give me ya strength..
help me to walk in ya will..
walk with me..
my weakness..
my most hated..me..

so let me be the product of prayer..
let the glory not be me..

till we meet again..
once more..


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

so glad to be part of the church drama team..
ha ha!
saw the clips of the Sentosa retreat..

i think i am a joke..ha ha!!!

thank U God for the chance to serve & to be creative..

i waited for u..
but tonite u r off..
my only means to hear u..
to write to u..
now to miss u..
r we hiding?
or r we blind?
hope u find me..
maybe in time..
i hope u understand..
knowing u seems so far..
and i'm crying to know u..
here i'm just afraid..
so let my voice be these words..
until the day we meet..
i'll see u in my prayers as i sleep..
sweetly asleep..


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

ha ha! ran 5km..today..still can!!!
had a great nap..
moody ..i'm glad i rest..
had a great time chatting with tall J..he he!!!
Thank U God..wat a sweet day!

[she's near and i fear]

18 may..
my confession begins..
ya beauty..
my weakness..
how can i know u?
where should i start..

so i start in my prayers..
and in my prayers i'll see u..
hoping dat u find me someday..


u & i..apart..

don't u know..
how i deny my flesh..
so much i wana know..
so much i resisted..
u r in my head..
and i would wana close my eyes..
just wana hear u..
hear the voice inside..

LET ME TAKE CARE OF U..let me in..
the words i kept in me..
i shall not say..
may my Saviour guard my words..
for my desire i surrender..

and each time i think of u..
i pray for us..
as u sleep..
may u rest in His embrace..

i hope u find me someday..
or have u found someone..
all i ask..in silence..
i'll see u in my prayers..


words are the voices in silence..

Friday, May 21, 2004

in my caveman mood..
stayed home the entire evening..
dun feel like socialising..
caveman theory..

ya name i fail to spell..
but i fail to forget..
i know how u sound..
how beautiful u r..

images of u i can't escape..
and i'm here enduring..
i wana have ya number..
but i know..i'll do no good..
my heart will call out to u..
even if my hands are tied..
i'll disable my means to u..

i will..

with every thoughts of u..
i'll say a prayer for us..
make me stay away..
make me good..

my flesh hurts..
crying to see u again..
feeding on ya beauty..
and i wana know u so much..
so bad..i dun know how..
and words are plain..
i'll just wait..
tiring my flesh out..

hav mercy my Saviour..
hav my all..
i surrender..
in ya grace..


Thursday, May 20, 2004

saw u again..wah lau ehhh!
can't escape u lah..
now wat to do..oh God!!!
this one killa lah!!!

thank U God..
for such a beautiful being to look at..

What should i do when i look at u?
so lovely..so peaceful..
i can force my eyes to shut..
but my heart betrays me..

What should i do when i look at u?
i put u in all my prayers..
praying dat i'll be far apart from u..
so no harm shall touch u..

i would luv to hold ya hands..
and make u stay..
i thought i should wait..
but it's not my way..

show me ya ways..my Saviour
as i starve my flesh..
my Saviour save me..
it's not my will but yours..
i shall leave..
i shall..

in defeat..

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Dear God..

the ugly me..today..
i know U didn't made me this way..
i feel it in my skin..
i'm so sorry..
as a child i would cry to forget everything..
allow my tears to wash my mistakes..
now..i wish i could..
let me walk away..
but i can't..
why can't i lay my eyes on u?
just U..U alone..
let me forget my selfish desire..
let me hear u..
my Saviour..my Saviour..
how worried i am?
how shallow i hav become?
how much i hate?

how much..


Please..as i upfold my arms..i surrender..
take me away..take me away..

help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..
help me to see U..


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Recorded Mr latino..ha ha!
3 down..many more to go..
well,pretty tiring today..
hmmm.. i luv recording..
too bad i don't own any studio..

hai ya!!!

really great having friends to pop by for recording..
ha ha! like a family outting lor! he he!
yes!The BABE was in the studio today..
so drop dead...........u know lah!!!
wahhhh! feel ugly lor..can't help it..
really must pray..this esteem thingy is shitty man..

my eyes luv to hav u..
but i burn as i see u..
i dare not stare..
u r like the sun..
u shine so bright..
so beautiful..
i stop to see..
i wish i hav known u longer..
watching u..
i wana draw nearer..
i fail myself..today
lost myself in u..
i stop to see..
i stop..

Thank u God..i'm still alive..

Monday, May 17, 2004

wah!!!KL is a killa..
yes! my 2nd trip with the Gloria boys!

farting is so fun..
well,now it's so annoying..
smell + the noise..wah! can die..
ate so much..+ talked so much cock..fun man!!!
the gig was awesome man!
haven't seen so much chics in gigs like dat..
of course happy lah!

the trips on the wagon was great..
arriving & departing..both were awesome..
road trip man!!!

the KL boys were awesome..so warm..so funny man!
such a blessing to hav them around..

thank U God..so happy to see u over there too..


Friday, May 14, 2004

ha ha! at hem's place..he he!!!
KL here we come..ha ha ha!!!
eat eat eat..more eat!!!
alamak!!! drink also..

man! i wana perform KL leh!!!
wah! so shoik lor!!!
hur hur!

thank u God..still alive & kicking..

oh yes!!! haven't really say hi to miss zara..he he!!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

weather is so hot..
ha ha!!!at the shop..
lazy lazy afternoon..
man!!!i wana sleep..

went to Zara..yes yes..very unlike me..
he he!!!
no choice mah! my friend's day job..he he!!!
anyhow..happen to see james there..trying out suit..
man! time flies..

financial..oh! God pls provide..
studying & workin is really hard..
when there isn't any much job to do..

thank u God..i'm still alive..

Monday, May 10, 2004

worked at PRINT today..
just realised dat..
quite a handful of them are gay..
nice people lah!
just dun squeeze my butt..ha ha!
scary in a way..ha ha ha!

hung out wif tall J & CHOWder..
ha ha ha! fun..

yes! 2moro anoher recording..yes!!!

thank u God..for this life..

Sunday, May 09, 2004

moody! why?
never understand me.. he he!
pc is down with some virus..errr!
hav to re install..he he!

thank u God..i'm still alive..

Friday, May 07, 2004

another day..
dreamweaver is really testing my patience..
in an audio recording skool..why learn muitimedia?
well, if so..need more time to learn this thingy man!!!
1 hr practical..hmm..how much can one learn..???

daren came for click track..
man! checkout the clicks..
waves beyond waves..hurrrr!

thank u God..for ya faithfulness..

Thursday, May 06, 2004


hav i lost my ways?
thot i was walking..
i know i'm not alone..
seems so cold..
so little time to think..

just done jogging..4km..
this's bad..he he!
still gt web crap to do..

thank u God..i'm still here!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

slept the whole day..he he!
suppose to read up my notes..ha ha!

anyhow,had a great time today..
watch 2 shows[50 1st dates & kill bill2]

yeah! hungout with 2 sistas..earlier..he he!
i think KEL is quite a chic..watsup with dancers???
man! really duno why am i into arty gals..oh nooo!

later in the nite me hungout with jeromo & daren..
well,sadly KB2 is notdat hap..lost man!!! QT failed in this film..

thank u God..once again to hav a chance to live..
to be alive..to understand my purpose here..to know u..


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