i wish i can take u somewhere far,but i don't drive a car.there are many things we can do,but i don't know where to start.i can buy you the moon or the stars,but i know i'm just dumb.i want to light up some candles and lay u down on the open field so that we can view the silent sky.i can say nothing more.i have not met you yet.please come hear me,which i think you are too far.you will find me,only if you can see the silence inside..

Sunday, February 29, 2004

PORKy POWER!!! support me & u shall hav bak kwauh & bak ku teh!!!

Sonic edge service is great today..the KL band played..ha! it was sweet! Keng on guitar +2 female vocals +1 more guitar+bass +drummer & keyboards..he he! big band man! Issac & Issabel came too..wah! they r great host when me & Rom Rom were there..awww!

best hot underground topic..PORK..he he!
lame things like..porkcupine is a friend of the pigs..harry porkter..linkin pork..don't talk pork..(cock) hippoporktamus..yeah! guitar brands like les pork..epipork..why pork? porklitics..i guess the KL guys don't hav the chance to say so much porky stuff back in M'sia..ha ha ha!!! i should be the next porklitician/porkstar..he he!

WAH! a lot more..ETC..lame lame lame!!! we laugh our intestines/lungs out thou..Kev chow chow can't stop laughing..he he! i think he's still thinking about more porky words thou..he he he! i'm still laughing!

ok serious!!!..it's great seeing them..i wana go KL..

no.15 day-7 days left til i see AN..

the day is nearer..
only a week left..
i'll see u soon..
still missing u..
still thinking about u..

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Bum the whole day..play the guitar like an addict..wah! lost in my world..bored..yes!!!thought i hav inspiration to write & come out with some tunes..end up unproductive thou..

ha! guess wat..talking to Shawn B now..he he! this man is really lame now..ha ha ha! not for long..

thank u God..for a chance to be so free..it has been a month since i work..

no.14 day-8 days to go..

one word i remember..
i miss u..
i sat on the spot where u slept..
just thinking..
waiting for u to come back..
i'll wait..i will..
still counting..

Friday, February 27, 2004

woke up at 3pm today..he he! lazy me..say my prayers for the people i luv..well..in my semi awake state..he he!

drama cell was good today..realize dat i can't memorise monologues..i totally lost it..was so bad..well,i am glad at least my fello actors/actress r kool with it..he he! thank u God..hung out at the shop..yes! went back with boy charlie..he he!

it was great..at least i am out for a while..can't jog today,my ankles hurt..hmm..

no.13 day-9 days to go..

thots of u r everywhere..
i can't stop thinkin abt u..
i want u back fast..
i want time to fly fast..
even when i sleep..
u appear in my dreams..
i hope u r fine..
pray that nothing happens..
come back soon..
help me to remember how it was like to hug u..

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Cell was great today..really open my eyes..walking with Jesus = surrendering oneself everyday..so true..today's speaker is an amazing man..really..depending on God's providence..AMEN!

i lazed the whole day..just got enough energy to finish off my old songs..yes! all those painful moody tunes! remix them after such a longtime..he he! well..more to come..mixing needs inspiration..needs rest..needs time..need GOD..

jogged 5km at 1am..hmm..very quiet+ windy..

ha ha! i've been bumming for like 7weeks..he he! feels darn bz + feeling abit restless now..maybe shld do some island hopping + work..he he!

sometimes..i hate wat's inside my mind..it's so conflicting..God save me!

no.12-10 days to go..

i made some honey to drink..
wishing u were here to taste it..
to finish the cup of honey..
i miss u..
everything seems so far..
hav we walked this far?
i kept thinkin of u
missing u..
missing the things u would say everynight..
tasting honey..

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

watched gothtica with romy..it's pretty lame show thou..not too bad..had a good talk with him..praise u GOD..pride..impatience..these r killers..they can suck on u & drain u..that's why we need HIM..

spoken to YUmi on msn..it's really great talking to her..happy to know dat she's bz & all..she happy too..i guess..he he!

no.11-11 days to go..

i felt loney..
there r nites, i wish u were here..
wanting to hear u..
wanting to say good night to u..
my thots r getting deeper into u..
in my sleep..in my dreams..
but i can't remember..
i just know it's u..
it's u..

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

woke up at 230 pm today..kept dreaming abt things..everything is in a blurry state..i think too much for my own good..can't help..it's my heart..yeah! he's thinkin of u..u know who u r:)

jammin was dry..no ideas..just very drained..no inspiration..guess we r jammin & churning too much stuff at a go..maybe it's just me..i feel there's a lack of patience..maybe just me..

watched In the mood for luv..it's an amazing film..very good art direction..i dun think WONG k y..thinks of his art..it's just him..his eyes..his version of his story..wat a concept? wat a talent? was it on purpose dat the film is like the way it is? u know.. some dudes r trying too hard to be arty..not WONG k y..i mean some art films turns out this way..oh! watever! wat do i know abt art..ha ha ha!

thank u God..it's a great day..i know U r with me..i losing my joy..why? still praying..still talking..

no.10-12 days to go

i dreamt about u..today
i couldn't go on further..
seems so near..
yet so far..
everything is in a mist..
i can only hold ya hand..
pls come back..
i hope nothing bad happens..
missing u is painful..
maybe i dare not dream..
maybe i missed u too much..

Monday, February 23, 2004

worked at the Shop today..yeah! was pretty fun thou..watched vcd the entire day..he he! tired as usual..drum boy had his hair cut at my place..yeah! the semi punker look..ha ha! i think it's pretty well done..wat? of course i cut lah!

church was kool..it's abt healing which led on to forgiveness..it was great..thank u God..thank u for today!

no.9 day-13 days to go..

tired looking at the 4 walls..
wishing u were here..
hope u slept well..
hope the weather is kind to u..
missing u..
days r flying pass slowly..
but sure u'll be back..
missing u..is not ez..

Sunday, February 22, 2004

today the gig was great..i felt i played my best..in a world of my own..trying not to make mistakes..i know God is in the house..the band played a heart felt set..praise to u GOd..

came home..make myself..soup+ some left over beef..ate well..watch some tv..

yes! sleepless..finish designing the band's so called t-shirt designs..he he! tired but something is on my mind..wat???

no.8 day-14 days to go..

sleeping got harder..
my eyes dun seems to close willingly..
wishing u call..
wanting to hear ya voice..
my heart starts to ache..
i miss u..
still missing..

Saturday, February 21, 2004

afternoon..help move stuff at the SHOP..he he! it was fun thou..finish it off with teh peng! went dwn town to meet the uncle G's short film director..ha ha! it was great..yeah! pretty nice! thank u God..yes! 2 pretty faces? he he!

went back to the SHOP..aku & drummer boy decide to catch a show..COLD MOUNTAIN-12am..ha ha! he fall asleep..wat sial! well,romance show..alamak! tak kenah! wishing AN was here to watch this show..u know lah! he he!

wat an awesome day..thank u GOD..

no.7 day-15days to go..

called u to hear ya voice on the voicemail..
missing u..
missing those wake up calls in the morning..
realized dat there's a difference..
i can't go back to where i was..
b4 i met u..
pls come back soon..

Friday, February 20, 2004

Another jam with VR..as their stand in bassist..he he! it was fun..i reached home abt 211am..wah! late lor! today was pretty nice..oh! BOYS must try the boss DS1 Mod..rocks man..heavy+ sweet lor!..must put ah beng lights on it..yes! still alive & kicking asses here & there..drama group was great..had a good time..thank u God..

no.6 day-16days to go..

i see u in my head..
can't stop thinking abt u..
it's quiet today..
i can hear crickets calling..
missing u is no fun..
trying not to stone..
i'm tired..
did i see u in my dreams? hmm..

still missing u..wishing dat u call..

Thursday, February 19, 2004

wat a sleepless time..nite or day..i just can't sleep..yes!!! u/she..come back pls..dun torment aku's mind & heart leh! thank u God for everything..even everyone i met..it's so good to c these ppl..yes! S.E cell..hi hi! i'm not good..just feelin emo..vulnerable..just need to seek God more..

no.5 17 days to go..

it's getting difficult to breathe..
missing u is not just a feelin..
it's like part of me is with u..
i shld be in ya luggage..
maybe in ya dreams..
distant doesn't seperate us..
i know we feel close..
another sleepless nite with u in my sight..
i can only pray..

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

just finished watching city of god..it's good stuff..real..no idea why i can't sleep,more like i dun wan to..HELP..thinkin of u..u know who u r..guess when u read this..this'll be 18 days later..

missing u is hard..this feelin,i can't contain..i can only pray!

praise u God..i know u r here..thank u for watching over me..gona try to sleep..now!
another SKY jam..it was amazing..end up praying..thank u God for the gifts HE given us..we dun deserved anything at all..here 4 dude..no where near so call success in this world..well,the band is a success..he he! no one really work in the band..aku got retrenched..ha ha! dats like the beginning of 04..ha ha!

wat is there to worry abt 2moro..2moro will worry for itself..think abt it,can u leave passed today..no one can ensure anything except God..he he! another uninspired day..

God is good..He cares.He luv..

no.4 day..18 days to go..

missing u like chocolate..
wishing dat u wld call me..
hearing u might not be the answer to calm me down..
i can only pray..

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

wahhhhhh! Sky boyz power lah! jammin was awesome..thank u God! really felt the unity..the friendship..the brotherhood..he he! metal riffs + emo chords..hmmm..wats dat..

feeling quiet..yes! it's nite now..well,very uninspired..not productive..he he! was alone the whole afternoon..recording..but it's not working leh! dun seems to sound nice..ehhhhh!

no.3-tuesday-19 days to go..

the sky is clear tonite..
wishing u were here to share the stars..
i call u to hear ya voice on the voice mail..
thinking it'll calm me dwn..
well,it just get me sore..
trying not to think abt u..
trying to be bz..
guess not..so i just keep praying..
praying dat u'll be fine..
pls come back soon..

Monday, February 16, 2004

just came back from v.r practice..yes! a stand in bassist..well,it went great..end up praying for Nick..awesome man! b4 dat i was tending wmum shop..pretty kool thou..

church was great..i was helping out doing merch..sold pretty much stuff + God given donations..awesome man!

no.2-monday-20 days to go..

finally i survived the 1st day..
i miss u..so painful to wait..
so many things in my head..
images of u & me..
really stone me out..
i can only wait..waiting for u to come back..
i'll keep my tears..hope i dun burst..

thank u God..for today..it was beautiful..i know u r keeping me bz..he he!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

no.1-Sunday 111am-11hours since u left..

sending u off at the airport is like a mistake..
now dat i hav to be alone..Sending myself back home..
i stare at the phone..So familiar..
but tonite we won't be talking
feel so quiet..i can only pray dat my days will fly..
telling our PaPa to watch over U..
the towel u use is still lying around..
i can picture u lying on the floor next to my door..
quietly i watched over u as u sleep..
a sleepless nite..But yet so sweet..
just to hav u by my side..
but now i can only wait..
missing your hugs & kisses..
my eyes misses U..
my ears itches to hear U..
i can only pray..
patience to take place..
i thank u PaPa..
for a chance to feel..
as i 'm so numb..
dat u hav to send me an Angel..
to hav me healed..

alamak!!! valentine day send my babe off to India..wat a joke? then again,everyday is valentine day..HE HE!!!

morning i meet up with ??..send her to the airport..miss her like crazy..wah! didn't realize i hav fallen so deep..
evening..help sonic edge do merch..then end up in town..then home..
nite..i jogged abt 5 km..still feeling emo..thinking it'll help me not to think so much..errr! it didn't work..of course..after dat..me came home, shaved my head..hot shower..now chillin..

thank u God..it's sooo good to hold a hand dat feels soo right..21 more days to go..errrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2004

abt 12am 13/2..eastside..

a rescue mission to save a friend..from her alcohol abusing friends..yes!!! friends dat like to see her drunk..

??? was soo badly drunk..dance on the table & then with me..he he! oh God! it was so funny..i must say..there r some truth in wat they(drunkards) say..ha ha! soon hav to send her home..did i say abt the puking part..it was endless+ smelly..all liquid..nothing more just sticky liquid..errrrr!thank God her friends were helpful..

so here we r in the cab..wah! she ain light lor! puking continues..errrr! wana send her back to her place..but she hardly stand up..hardly say a word(she said sorry & some stuff..)..totally gone..so i brought her back to my place..spend an hour at the carpark trying to get her to wake her up & walk..sadly,i had to drag her to the lift..to my doorstep,finally my room..by this time i was soaked in her puke & my sweat..ha ha!

wat a workout! wat a nite?

in the room..on the floor& cover her with a comforter..did i mention she was so cute..besides rolling on the floor..thinking it was her home..by this time she was totally quiet..awwww! i watched her sleep..clean her up with a wet towel..i soon zzzzz..off & on..checking on her..

650am..she woke up..took a hot shower & i got her some fresh clothes..then zzzzzzz..

wat a nite..the rest of the story is kinda long..so me not gona say more! a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

evening comes..i send her home..at 940pm..me tired..sleepy..gona miss her,she'll be in india for 21 days..

thank u God for everything..prayer really works..+ remember it's no joke to carry a drunk!!! he he!

Monday, February 09, 2004

7 feb..morning - night..
yesterday..plainsunset final gig! it was awesome man! like back in 97..core club? moshpits after moshpits..yes! me stage crew..dahhh! so dat means i'm a sponge! suck up the sweat from others..he he! gigs r like dat..well..freakin tiring day balls!

acting rehearsal in the morning was great..so nice to see kids with such talents &gifts..nice!


morning church was pretty kool..like da message thou..yes! our pride..crucify our pride! lunch is pretty the same..chicken rice ..teh ice..nice!

SKY set was aggro..Jon broke his wireless thingy..ouch! well,can't hear much of anything..but good to know at least God was there..i feel it..the bands played pretty ok set(pensionstate was alrite)..sound system sux man! nobody's fault..he he! oh! boy chow got stung by an insect..got a small swell! thot dats was pretty fun..he he!

tired! suppose to hav a small chillin bacardi session with the ted,dex,mil & tim..errr! i think too tired lor!

he he! gona go take a shower & chilling soon..jobless & happy..ha ha!

OH God..thanx for everything today..it was beautiful..nite:)

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Well,tonite was pretty kool..had 2 mozzarella cheese prata at tampines + 2 milo dinosaur!wah! dex treat! he he..yes there is dex,ted mil,tim..+me..awesome man..old buds!

end up at dexs place..had bacardi..the boys had beer! yucks! beer sux..praise God..such a real guys nite out..he he! gona miss dudes like dat..they r leaving for aus again..holidays end..:[ talked so much cock! he he!

i fail trying not to call u..
nice to hear ya voice..
how can i refrain..
i'm so fallen..fallen deeper..
praying nature takes its cost..

NIte sweet!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

thank u God..u r so beautiful..life hav been shockingly beautiful..u change wat is evil to good..we r filled with sins & yet u can see enough beauty in our lifes & die for our mistakes..thank u soo much!

hey..u r so sweet today..it melts my heart to see u at my doorstep..so sincere..so nice to see u when i just got out of my slumber..thank u..so sweet..knowing u has been beautiful..is this gona end?..u see the man inside,u see right thru..so little hav come so far..yet it only took u a while..

nite sweet..thank God for u..i appreciate..

>my mission..to help my bro,Ken..yes help him cut out some cd sleeves..ha ha ha!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

yes! Sonic edge conference was amazing..God was there..i did nothing man..just make sure everything when on time..best still..God did the work..not me..ha ha! everyone was good..

praise be to the Maker..the Giver of life..Amen..

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